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    Manga has become a global phenomenon in recent years, and one of the hottest titles to take the manga world by storm is Villains Are Destined to Die. As a fan of manhwa, webtoon, and shoujo(G) genres, manga lovers can find everything they want in this one title. With over-the-top drama, fantasy, magic, and romance, it’s not hard to see why this story is so compelling. Yet, what makes it so alluring is its unique perspective on the common trope of transmigration or even death flags.As the game’s hard mode activates, protagonist Penelope finds herself in an isekai world where she has become the notorious villainess of the game. Her fate is written in stone – to die at the hands of her brothers or be forked to death. However, she refuses to let destiny defeat her, as she uses her insider game knowledge and wits to capture the affection of the male characters who once despised her. It’s a story of rebirth, romance, and redemption that captivates readers from beginning to end.The story’s unique twist on the isekai genre is one of its strongest points. It offers readers a fresh take on the genre. The protagonist is not reincarnated as the hero, but instead, a villain that readers most likely would have ignored. Gwon gyeoeul’s writing style showcases her ability to subvert expectations, making readers question everything. Her full-color art only adds to the allure, making every page appealing to the eyes. Although it’s somewhat cutesy, it pulls readers in with its exquisite panels, detailed characters, and vibrant colors.The male characters are not one-dimensional love interests, either. Each one has his own unique personalities and isn’t just there as a means to an end for Penelope. They are more than just plot devices, they are essential to Penelope’s storyline. The reader can relate to them and understand their motivations. More importantly, as the story goes on, each of Penelope’s suitors grows as characters on their own, not just as love interests. It’s great to see the line between “good” and “bad” blurred, further pushing the boundaries of what a typical manga may seek to do.What’s more, the manga delves into the themes of identity and what it means to be a “villain.” Penelope tries hard to change how others perceive her, to rewrite her narrative, and to fall in love. However, more than anything, she tries to find redemption and acceptance in a world that has already determined her fate. The story also deals with the pressure of society’s expectations and shows how individuals can break free from perceived societal norms and create their own destiny.Amongst the popular manga of the 21st century, Villains Are Destined to Die stands out because it takes elements from trends but reconstructs them into something different and intriguing. It’s not just about an engaging plotline with unique visuals, but rather, the manga invites readers to see the world differently. It gives us a chance to look at the villainess trope in a new light, which is refreshing. It challenges stereotypical depictions and offers an empowering and engaging look at female narratives. It even provides a point of view towards gaming, and how not everything should be taken seriously- to appreciate their temporality.