Join Q-STEAM Code Club and over 100 million students for an Hour of Code

Q-STEAM Code club is inviting you to join Hour of Code .

Hour of Code is the largest event in the history, tens of millions of students in 180+ countries participates every year.

Get involved with an Hour of Code event during Computer Science Education Week in Dec. 2018.

Last year ,more than 900 Event  participated from Egypt.

Egypt Map of 2017
Hour of Code Events in 2017 – Egypt Map.

WHY  Q-STEAM Code Club ?

  • Q-STEAM Code Club is the international partner of Hour Of Code in Egypt.
  • Q-STEAM Code Club participates every year scince 2014.
Last Day in CodeClub with Q-STEAM in Maadi

How Q-STEAM Code Club can help?

We would love to help your school to run an Hour of Code event:

Before Computer Science Education Week in Dec. 2018:

  1. Free one day training for primary computer teachers to be ready to host an Hour of Code in their classrooms.
  2. Free one day training for school students over 13 years old to participate in Hour Of Code as teacher assistants.

During Computer Science Education Week in Dec. 2018:

  1. Help computer teachers to host an Hour of Code in their classrooms for primary classes (we don’t even need computer)
  2. Arrange for a speaker to talk about how technology works and what it’s like to be a software engineer.

Learn is Power 
Join Q-STEAM CodeClub in #HourOfCode

What  school students will learn?

  1. Create their own apps or games they can show their parents.
  2. Print Hour of Code certificates they can bring home.
  3. Learn computational thinking skills in an approachable way.

Computers are everywhere, changing every industry on the planet. But fewer than half of all schools around the world teach computer science.


Don’t miss it, it’s fun! With interactive, hands-on activities.

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