Engineering club

Engineering club

Why engineering

  • Engineering covers many different types of activities.


  • Engineers make things, they make things work and they make things work better.


  • Engineers use their creativity to design solutions to the world’s problems.


  • Engineers help build the future.


  • Engineers work in almost every area that affect people – including biomedical engineering, like new materials for hip replacements or advanced prosthesis.


  • Engineers make the food we eat and the medicines we take. They also develop new materials like high performance sports fabrics or new electronic display.


  • Engineers build the world around us including buildings, roads, bridges, schools and hospitals.


  • Engineers also manage our water, gas and electricity supplies and they also develop new ways to generate electricity such as wind and solar power.
Supporting the National Curriculum
Q-STEAM Day activities are designed to complement the National Curriculum in science, technology, engineering and math by demonstrating the link between what’s taught in the classroom with the wider world